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Customer service operations are open five days a week from 8:30am to 5:00 pm.The product is designed to be non-toxic, containing no solvents and able to be applied at ambient temperatures.


Portside Brisbane

Material around the piping as preparation

Material over the concrete as preparation. The material is an excellent base for the liquid rubber to soak into.

This special rubberised undercoat fills in cracks in the concrete to prevent seepage or leaking.

Rubber is wrapped around the piping in preparation


This Final spray is a specially formulated coating. This coating creates an excellent secure finish, locking these layers together for the ultimate result.

We can then relax as we know this rubber is mouldered to the exact shape and Zero leakages occur.


trowel grade
premium instant set

Premium Instant Set corrosion protection for metal

Premium Instant Set is a fluid applied product for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. The cured Premium Instant Set protective coating has excellent dielectric strength, gas permeability, resistance to corrosion creep back, and blistering.