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Trowel grade mastic

Trowel grade is single component elastomeric modified trowel grade mastic used as both a waterproofing coating and an adhesive. Trowel grade contains no solvents, and is non-flammable. Trowel grade is used for filets on upturns around parapet walls and between horizontal and vertical surfaces and is used to adhere tiles to vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Customer service operations are open five days a week from 8:30am to 5:00 pm.The product is designed to be non-toxic, containing no solvents and able to be applied at ambient temperatures.

environmentally friendly
liquid rubber
high build
trowel grade

Our technology gives architects, engineers and contractors products that meet building codes that specify no open flame or hot liquids in the waterproofing application.This feature is of specific interest when contractors work on schools, hospitals or government buildings.