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In agricultural applications, High Build is used to provide a corrosion protection for metals used in barns, feeding stations, and silos.

High Build is used to seal small cracks in masonry, water troughs and to seal leaks in roofs. High Build is a versatile sealant on the farm.

Protect plants and trees from disease by applying High Build to the exposed areas.
If you are building a marine theme park or a garden pond behind the house, High Build seals and waterproofs around the most complex geometries.

High Build has excellent adhesion to polyethylene liners, rock and concrete. This makes High Build an excellent choice for waterproofing ponds, decorative pools, fountains etc.
Easy to use, High Build can be applied using, a brush, roller or squeegee.

The elastic nature of the product means that it will move with the building and not crack or pull loose from the surface it is adhered to, giving a permanent waterproof seal.

Once opened a can of High Build can be re-sealed, keeping the product fresh and ready for use up to 12 months.
High Build is an excellent choice for sealing around vents and drains, where pipes pass through concrete.

The foundation walls require a sealant that both adheres to the different materials equally well but has sufficient flexibility and elasticity to resist cracking and tearing due structural movement.

High Build is UV-resistant, meaning it can be used inside and outside and will not be damaged by the sun.




These products are multi-functional in design, providing not only waterproofing but act as excellent adhesives in their own right.

trowel grade
premium instant set

Premium Instant Set corrosion protection for metal

Premium Instant Set is a fluid applied product for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. The cured Premium Instant Set protective coating has excellent dielectric strength, gas permeability, resistance to corrosion creep back, and blistering.